Hi, I’m Bryan

As a web developer straddling front and back end development, I help clients and employers identify challenges to their brand or products and define and execute pathways to success. From identity packages for start-ups to relaunching million dollar products, I thrive in environments where goals and expectations are logical and clearly defined while I’m trusted to execute plans without micromanagement.

You’ll find here a collection of my work ranging from hand drawn doodles to vehicle wraps to e-commerce sites and everything in between. I hope you’ll enjoy perusing my work!


When it’s time to get fancy, I fancy

Adobe CS and I go way back, we’ve been going steady for years now! After dating her little sister, Photoshop Elements 2, at the turn of the century, I became enamored with the more mature, sexier CS2 (and then CS3) while working in the production offices of the YMCA. As I put myself through night school I really got to know her as she matured from CS4 to CS5. She might live in the cloud now, but she’s still worth it. Some ladies just get better with time!

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HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript

Do you need someone to hand-code your sites? Someone who knows how to clear a float? Code using the Bootstrap framework? Create emails that’ll make it through Lotus Notes 7 or Outlook 2007 unscathed? Do you need someone to make things move and react to users? Great news! I know a guy!

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Wordpress WooCommerce PHP

Let me count the ways WordPress is awesome. 1, 2, 3, 4… Okay, so maybe there are too many to enumerate. I love using WordPress. It’s adaptable, it’s super well supported, it’s a giant “head start” when producing websites. I love expanding its functionality based on a client’s needs. Have a need…? There’s a plugin for that!

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But beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find, his…nucleus.

What makes me tick? I strive for perfection. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it well. I am diligent, communicate well, and enjoy collaboration with others

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